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Emsariel is the 'modern' incarnation of Ohrumshariel (Dondar: Wrath of Fallen Might), one of the Avatars formed in the Cataclysm.


Emsariel has three character sheets, one post-transformation, an advanced one once he had marshalled his resources from the Long Delving, and one for his avatar form.

Post-transformation Emsariel: (not posted yet)

Delving Emsariel: Sorceror 6 / Cleric 3 / Geomancer 5. With the ECL +2 for being Anghil, he's a CR 16 NPC
pages as pngs:

sheet as pdf (editable with Acrobat): emsariel.pdf

Ohrumshariel, The Wrath of Fallen Might: (not posted yet)

Game History

Emsariel first appeared in the campaign as Thisophen, an anghil scholar working for Fehaeli in the Siarran settlement town of Shirondo. The party picked him up as part of an initial delegation from the Illendi to the humans of Telperest. Once there, the party went on a mission to retrieve a set of masks (which, if they but knew, were geographically within Nothoreadhel). The masks imbued their wearers with ancient spirits, avatars, or embodiments of aspects of humanity. Thisophen received the Emsariel mask and was immediately transformed into Emsariel, a demon created in the Cataclysm. “Emsariel” is from the Dondar phrase “Ohrumshariel”, which means “Wrath of Fallen Might”. Emsariel's aspect is, roughly, the fallen grace of the Illendi and the vengeance of those hurt by the hubris that led to the Cataclysm. His spirit ran amok for centuries after the Cataclysm, marshalling many of the twisted forces of the Rokanoi Dark Age before he was defeated and sealed away at the end of that age. He has returned with the return of the Illendi to Correllendor and the potential for them to recreate the Cataclysm by awakening the lost technology within Nothoreadhel.

Since his awakening within Thisophen, Emsariel has built up a force that he is driving down the Long Delving with the aim of entering and conquering Nothoreadhel. He retreated to Dur Merkul (a broken Sentinel tower) after his awakening and there spent time summoning and rebuilding the demon army that he had during the Dark Age. He led a force against the Dwarven city of Bar Khadan with the two goals of obscuring a second force sneaking around the city and of pushing a force through a portal under the city which led directly into the Changing Ways. He succeeded in both endeavours mere days behind the party. He now has a small force in the Changing ways with the bulk of his army travelling down the L. Delving. They are currently attacking The Throat of G'Mar, a settlement around a portal to the Plane of Elemental Air. Emsariel himself hoped to take his small force down to the Silver City, wait for the party to open the portal to The Dreaming (which he could not do himself as the Dreaming is inimical to the [extraterrestrial] Illendi). There he attacked the party while sending his henchmen out to plunder the city of what few treasures it still contains. The party faced his minons in the Silver City at the Armory, at the Library, and at the Treasury.

Determining that Emsariel's ability to teleport would allow him to escape them indefinitely, and that they could not attack him within his own fortress at Dur Merkul, they laid a trap for him with the aid of the baelan Ermaldrine. They let it be known that they would be travelling via gate to Seraken to look for Lucan, and as Emsariel used an existing gate route to pursue them, Ermaldrine diverted Emsariel's gate into himself. The party fought and defeated Emsariel, though the avatar mask itself (and E's head) 'fell' through the diverted gate as Ermaldrine released it.

The party faced Emsariel once more in the Dreaming of Nothoreadhel itself, and there fought the avatar spirit, supposedly destroying it forever in the 'final death' of the Dreaming.

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