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Correllendor is a sizable kingdom on the western coast of the continent of Pharallon. It is the location of the Return to Nothoreadhel Campaign.


Geographically, Correllendor is perched in a narrow strip of land between mountains to the east and north, and the sea to the west; grasslands to the south open into other lands. In the north, the bordering mountain range stretches out into the sea to form a mountainous peninsula. Continental Correllendor is composed of two large basins: the Ilper (meaning “high river”) basin in the north, and the Dremeron basin in the south (named after a central city). South of the Dremeron basin is a shoulder of the mountains, overlooking a broad valley of rolling Downs that stretches inland and which forms the border of Correllendor.

Here's a basic map of Correllendor. Links to regions mentioned follow.




Politically, Correllendor is more a federation of city-states than a kingdom. The kingdom is barely 150 years old, and is so spread out by land and sparsely populated that the king plays more of a 'big picture' and figurehead role than as a manager of daily life. Nevertheless, there has been advantage for the many cities in bowing to a central arbiter, and the diplomacy and justice of the royal family has more than once averted war between the cities.


“Known” history goes back about seven hundred years, when the forerunners of the Correll, the Saradin, came over the mountains from Sardonia. Over the next two hundred years they quickly assimilated the Rokanoi, the indigenous human culture (based roughly on early-feudal Japan). Assimilation happened differently between basins: in the Ilper basin, the process was like that of the Vikings in Ireland –with the Correll becoming perhaps more Rokanon than the Rokanoi themselves– while in the Dremeron basin the Rokanoi clans organized considerable resistance which eventually settled down to American reservation-like cohabitation.

There's enough history (most of it spoiler-laden) that it is worth linking to related pages. In rough chronological order:

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