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(2017-10-25) Scott Price has spent his professional life helping people play and learn online and offline. After teaching for several years, he entered the game industry with Scholastic and then the pioneering studio Gamelab. He moved back into “educational” games with Gamestar Mechanic, the groundbreaking game about game design, and with projects for the Institute of Play and the Quest to Learn School. He has had QA, IT, Project and Product Management roles. Scott is now Director of Product with BrainPOP.

… also stored on Google Drive

Work History

LinkedIn has my full work history, antiseptically-listed, but this has a bit more narrative.

The summer after high school, I worked on the horticulture_grounds_crew at Hamilton College. This would've been 1996

Other jobs, until I have a chance to fill out the narrative a bit:

Philadelphia, 1997-2001

Boston, 2001 - 2005

I moved up to Boston basically for explo, and because I really really didn't like Philadelphia.

New York, 2005 - present

I moved to New York for alison, and when I got there I had to figure out what to do with my 'portable skills'. Hint: change career paths.

My first work in the game industry was as a Quality Assurance tester for Scholastic's Digital Media group working on the I Spy series on CD. I learned to write excellent bug reports and to reproduce the most finicky of errors; I also worked closely with the developer on the project and learned to prioritize bugs within a production schedule. Read a review of the title.

Freelance Interregnum - 2009-2010

When Gamelab folded, I stitched together freelance project management for a while, with the institute_of_play and working_library, the weirdest job I ever kinda-loved.

Gamestar - 2009 - 2012

Before long, e-line_media picked up gamestar_mechanic and I was back to working the project I'd saved from the ashes of Gamelab.

BrainPOP 2013 - present

When E-Line decided to move to Seattle, I faced a choice: start my own studio, freelance project manage again (probably outside games), or find a larger company to join that was doing work I respected. That company, and my decision, was brainpop.

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