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This is a design log for the Mnemoscene system and a variety of 'games' for it.

May 5, 2018

I set up Transmit to sync from a local store to the right folder on torg. I rewrote Card Shark to be about the paper version of the game, and to fully read as a GDD. Next up is a) printing the cards from CS Hamlet, b) revising that page, and c) updating the whole CSE namespace to cover the digital version as I'm thinking of it.

Oct 8, 2017

It's late in the day, but I'm going to try to get cards printed for CS Hamlet today anyway. Certainly I want to find where I left the work before. Also: update the entry for it here.

I dropped $25 on Multideck in the App Store. Paperize might've caught up, and I'm going to regret that expenditure if it turns out that it would have.

I printed out the Events through Paperize. Next Steps:

  • Make the Requirements (and Outcomes?) display well, probably through calculation fields for print
  • Try printing Events through Multideck
  • Try printing other cards through Multideck

Once I've done those, I should be … able to play it?!

Oct 7, 2017

After quite a summer with work and personal issues, I'm trying to return to this. I'm about to commit to not teaching in the spring, and am going to really push to get Hamlet and possibly Mnemoscene going. I'd also like to progress one or two other ideas, but: baby steps.

So today I've clarified and updated the Game Ideas Google Doc so that I have a place to put tantalizing ideas where they won't distract me for long. It's a bit of a heavy lift to put them into Dokuwiki, since I need to be online, need to connect a page, need to organize it. Not having to do that is kinda the point when an idea has had less than an hour of 'baking'.

Later today, I'd like to try making cards with Paperize or NanDeck. I think I actually did a bit of that back in June/July, but I didn't record it here.

Jun 23, 2017

I haven't done diddly on this even though the next step is really just to try it with Paperize. Sigh. However, the nyc-playtest group today mentioned NanDeck, MultiDeck, and Squib, so if Paperize doesn't have a good template, then I can check those out. Frustratingly, I can't see what Paperize's templates are like without just jumping into them. :/

Specifically, NanDeck may have a simple 3-cell alignment-based option that Just. Does. It. for Hamlet.

Squib (more info appears to be something-something Ruby.

Multideck looks to have a WYSIWYG editor, but is also $25 in the App Store. Mac, though!

Mar 05, 2017

I got to spend a bunch of time on Mnemoscene: Hamlet over the last couple of days. We played the paper copy of Hamlet! in the office on Friday, and it went fairly well. I had to 'GM' the group to get over the logic-puzzle difficulty curve, but a team won, and in good time. On Saturday, I refactored the AirTable a bit, and on Sunday I got a good 2-3 hours to sit down and start entering events. That required a good bit more refactoring, but I think I'm about set to print some cards. Not nearly everything the game would require, but a few of each card - so I can wade into Paperize to set up the templates, and (in parallel, or afterward) enter the other characters. What I got done yesterday was Hamlet and Polonius, fully, but no others.

Feb 28, 2017

Last week I set up an Airtable base for Mnemoscene Cards. Today I got a paper copy of Hamlet! A Game in Five Acts and have downloaded the digital Strategy Guide. I'm going to be playing the game with coworkers on Friday, and that will all be useful. Then I hope to assemble the game digitally on Saturday (between the volunteer brunch and One-Shot Book Club). Tim gave me an invitation to Paperize, which should make prototype card printing much easier.

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