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Mnemoscene: Hamlet is an adaptation into the Mnemoscene engine of the Hamlet! A Game in Five Acts boardgame. The idea is to prototype the engine using content from a very similar boardgame. Using the content from the existing game will:

  1. take the quality of my writing off the table as a factor
  2. expose challenges adapting dependency-heavy narratives
  3. test the bare mechanics - if this version plays better than the original, the engine is doing well

I've assembled the content from H:AGI5A into an Airtable, which I can then export, kinda, into Multideck. At the moment it's a 100% loyal port of Hamlet!, and the next step is to get cards really working through Multideck. After that, it will almost certainly need card balance and content adjustment to work well under Card Shark rather than … shitty flatfile IRL database puzzle.

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