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Elves on Vitas

This page describes the race and subraces of Elves on the world of Vitas.

Elves on the Continent of Vitas

Elves on the Continent of Pharallon

At approximately the same time as the Breaking of Nothoreadhel the Race Wars were coming to an end in Vitas. The flow of magic from the Spiral Isles was 'capped' in Tengar, and many of the non-human races left Vitas for a time in the exodus known as the "Breaking". One group of Elves settled the southwestern 'corner' of Pharallon and spent the next 400 years carving out a nation along two valleys running across the continent to the inland sea. 300 years of relative quietude followed before a militant subset of elves (currently called the 'wood elves') got antsy and continued their group's expansionist mandate up the coast if the inland sea.

Over 300 more years that group expanded and scattered, their aggression tempered by another set of elves (currently called 'high elves') who travelled with them in order to examine magic on the 'new' continent. In the new land, the elves had found other magic sources (albeit all much less powerful than the spiral isles') as well as magical 'sinks', along with an entire magical topography. Nothoreadhel was avoided as a region so 'noisy' as to make examination perilous, if possible at all. So the elves, like the humans before them, spread north up the coast of the inland sea and eventually found their way back to the western ocean no further north than Asmuden and no further south than Rothanport. In between, in what is now Correllendor and the plains leading to Nothroreadhel (the Downs), there was already (by the time the elven tribes arrived) a growing nation of humans who had themselves recently displaced Orcs, Delwen, and Bariaur to become the dominant race.

By this time, the Illendi were “ancient ruins”, and so the only race with any direct memory of the Illendi are the humans, who kept few records. A small group of humans, the Rokanoi, that lived among the Illendi remembered.

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