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Physical Description

The Delwen are smaller peoples. The tallest being five feet tall, the smallest adults being four feet tall. Plural form of the word is Delwen. Singular is Delwin.

Delwen Lands

The Delwen live on plains to the south of Correllendor. They are native to this area and nowhere else in the known world.

Delwen Lands are divided into three territories ruled by a Governor and a Council: North Fold, Middle Fold, South Fold.

The bariaur have buffered the Three Fold Downs (or The Three Folds) from Correllendor, that and the windy-dry barren landscape known as The Withering that seperates the Delwin people from Methel, the most southerly human city. Water is scarce here. Fortunately, bariaur can go a long time without water.

Traveling north to south you would see the flat Withering, then sudden high barren hills into a narrow range of forested mountains, rising in the east to the sheer wall of the Sawtail Mountains, then back down into forested high hills, into lower cultivated hills… and a mix of hills, narrow valleys, and the central watershed valley.

At last you reach green hills filled with cold and hot springs. Waterfalls and rushing streams are fed by the springs. Generally these streams merge together and either dry up in The Withering, or flow into the central watershed. The central watershed begins with the Upper South River (referred to as the Upper South), which feeds into Circle Lake, which outpours into the Great South River (commonly referred to as The Great South).
The hill region is a volcanically active region, supporting hot springs, sulfur springs, guisers, and sometimes lava flows. There have been two or three eruptions in Delwin history, but nothing that has wasted the entire culture, and nothing in the past two hundred years. They tend not to live near the most active volcanic peaks.

The rushing streams coming out of the hills readily support a mill industry… grist mills, lumber mills.

This hill area is lush pasture land filled with cultivated grains, sheep, and goats. Pasture land in the stream valleys and river valleys and low rolling hills. Forested in higher elevations. Delwen are advanced in farming and animal husbandry. Crater Lake is an impressively deep lake filled with lots of fish. Delwin diet consists of fish, mutton, goat, domesticated duck, duck eggs, domesticated geese, goose eggs, baked goods, grains, grapes, olives, and cultivated vegetables. No chickens. Working farm animals are horses, ponies, donkies, and dogs. Mediteranian climate. No apples, pears, or plums. Grapes, lemons, olives, nut trees, pomogranites. Famers send their grains up the river, over the lake, and then by wagon to the mills to grind grain into flour (canal system with wooden locks is being built).

Important Towns

River Town. In the heart of the largest grain growing valley, on Great South. Where grain and wool is sent upriver. Diplomatic center of South Fold.

Port. Where material is shifted from flat bottomed pony-drawn barges to lake vessels.

Castle-on-Dale. The largest town in The Three Folds. Diplomatic center of Middle Fold. Where Hill Folk meet Valley Folk to do business.

Milldale. Centrally located to many major mills. The Laneway travels through here. Milldale is the diplomatic center in North Fold. Military center? Closest city to the Withering.

Recent History

The Three Folds were and are self-sufficient, however, for a long while, the delwen have been the most important (and only) way-station for trade between Asmuden and Correllendor. If it weren't for the oasis of the Delwin lands, travel between old Asmuden and Correllendor would be darn near impossible. Inhospitable dry, wind-swept plains to the north of the The Greendon Mountains, and something equally inhospitable south… of which I haven't figured out… maybe more of the same, though the Great South River needs to go somewhere… maybe it just flows directly west to the sea and not helpful to navigate to Correllendor or Asmuden.

Anyway, the Delwen were not merchants… but they did act as middle-men for the merchants going north and south. Over time, the trade slowed from the south, and then stopped. The Asmudani, it seemed, ceased to exist. For an entire generation, no one did anything much about it. At first, the Delwen who made their fortune in trade argued with the governors and the councils to do something about it. However, the leadership didn't lift a finger. Although the Delwin economy hit a bit of a slide because of the lack of trade, many were thankful to be rid of so many foriegners. Tradesmen and women moved onto other business.

Then came Ceder's father, Jeneth… an anomaly… a delwin with magical ability. Not many of them in history. He kept his powers a secret. Jeneth was born to a poor family in the South Fold town of Greensdon. His grandfather was a former trader, and when trade with the south vanished, so did the family fortunes. Bitter of poverty and the lack of help from the governors and council, fueled by his drive and magical power, he sought to find out what happened to the Asmudani… and left with a group of friends to the south.

As he moved around the Folds looking to drum up help and funding, he captured the imagination of many people (it helped that he had a magical power of suggestion). Departed with great fanfare… he and twenty others.

Then we pretty much get back to Ceder's original story, with some place name changes perhaps. Jeneth returns with Wildweed and a bunch of Asmudani ruffians. Asmuden, as it turns out, is a burned-out shell of its former self. Pretty much warring anarchy down there ruled by a bunch of drug lords. After discovering the power of the Weed, Jeneth saw opportunity in being a drug-shipper to The Folds and beyond. Jeneth managed to mind-control one of these drug lords and manipulate a trade agreement. He returns to the Greendon Mountains and The Three Folds with riches, a contingent of Asmodian soldiers, and the drugs.

To put it quickly… many Delwen become addicts to the legalized but highly controlled Wildweed trade… and many humans in Methel become addicts. Suddenly, the trade becomes bigger than Jeneth can handle. He becomes a puppet to the powers of Methel and Asmodian drug cartels. Ceder never actually leaves The Folds. He discovers his powers. Receives healthy education. Begins to despise his dad and what he stands for. Leads a successful coup of the his Delwin Dictator Dad. They begin to rebuild. Then are quashed later on by human forces his papa helped unleash. The Folds truly become a military state.

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