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Campaigns and Adventures

Many games have been played in Correllendor, Pharallon, and Vitas. Eventually we would like to have information about them for future use; for now, links and synopses.

  • The Caves of Asmodia - That embarrassing first adventure you did in middle school. This will never see the light of day.
  • Under Rothanport - Rothanport does not rest easy. A short adventure around 1992.
  • The Dark Tower - An epic dungeon crawl by Mark Lotto based loosely on the first books in Stephen King's epic series, c. 1993.
  • Marshport Keep - A party wrests a lonely keep from a local petty tyrant.
  • Caravan to Correllendor - The last few caravans haven't made the trip over the passes, and the local baron wants to know why. Seven sessions, 1996.
  • Return to Nothoreadhel - A mysterious race returns to Correllendor after a millenium, looking for 'home'. Seven players, three and a half years of real time, about a hundred sessions from 2001-2005.
    • The EGS - The Emergency Gaming System. A fill-in adventure by Pete Olandt for when Scott briefly finked out on Nothoreadhel in 2004.
    • Quarantine - Five adventurers stranded by storms in a mountain pass. A one-shot led by Pete Olandt in 2005.
    • The Great Ward - Apple Keep in the Great Ward has called for adventurers for a mighty purpose. The world from which the hero's ancestors were long ago banished is again theirs. But what mysteries expalin its transformed state? Why is it accessible after all these years? Four adventurers with their own agendas answer the call. A new campaign by Thomas, just starting in January 2006.
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