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Adventure Hooks in Vitas

“Adventure hooks” = “Adventure Ideas”. They're good for:

  • Getting a group together or started in the setting
  • stealing for use in your own setting
  • filling in a longer campaign that you've got in progress.

Adventure hooks are, by and large, site- or group-specific, so this page merely aggregates links to pages about hooks in locales or by themes.

Eventually, I'd like this page to link to complete adventure write-ups that could be used as modules. That will be a while in coming, so … well, you're not going to find them here yet.

Conceptual Hooks

These are hooks related to concepts highlighted in Vitas - Dreaming, magical sources/sinks, gate magic, etc.


  • A mythical artifact lies in state in the Dreaming. The party must retrieve the artifact. Variant: Others are after the object as well. The Dreamers are protecting it.


  • Evil creatures have kidnapped someone to use as a sacrifice to keep their gate from closing or torannen from sliding. Save the person and escape the collapse.

Geographic Hooks

These are adventures specifically based in particular locations. They can certainly be adapted to other settings or locations.

The Long Delving

  • A military leader has discovered an entrance to the Long Delving and to its powerful caches, and has rebellion in mind. Stop his advance party or take him on himself.


  • The collapse of a connecting gate has destabilized the Dome. The party must venture into a region of wild magic to deliver the one who can repair it.


  • A trade route over the western mountains into Correllendor has been cut off recently… no traders have come by it and none sent have returned. The party must escort a caravan to Correllendor either the long way around through Asmuden or through the mountains and whatever has blocked the way (possibly Seekers, awakened Sentinels, or Orcish tribes)


  • Test of the Fittest - Tensions are high with the Druids after a group of adventurers destroyed a sacred grove. A group of druids waylays the party on their way into Telperest and demands that the party pass a test or do a favor before passing or to win a boon. (used in The Nature of Telperest)
  • The Nature of Telperest - Druids are planning a major offensive on Telperest after a group of adventurers destroyed a sacred grove. The party must deal with this knowledge– warn the city, aid in the assault, or attempt to stop the druid leadership. (used in Paendor's Box)
  • A necromantic cult 'haunts' a keep on the edge of the city to use it as a lab. As the city grows toward the old keep, the mayor wants it cleaned out. A cult of necromancers would like to keep using it as their lab, however… (used in Moondance)
  • The city watch has noticed increased magical activity and marauding monsters in the caves … they don't know yet that there's a whole newly-opened chaotic gate down there.

Organizational Hooks


  • Brigand Dreamers - A group of Dream Mages is holding a village captive while their companions in the waking world loot and pillage. (used in Perchance To Dream)

Seekers After Nothoreadhel

  • The Correllendi “gods” have returned. Journey into the mountains to meet their rather more humble truth. (used in Angelus) Continued: Escort a diplomatic mission from the Seekers into Telperest without inciting millenial riots.
  • The Seekers are travelling in secret … until a youth goes missing in a human city and the party must find him before the rest of the city finds out that a 'god' is among them. (used in A Popular Young Man)


  • A baelan wants to reestablish contact with an isolated (or potentially ruined) colleague, and sends the party overland as emissaries.
  • Escort a baelan-to-be and retinue to and from a torannen which has lost its baelan. Variant: In the past, help establish the gate network by taking the baelan's retinue through dangerous lands to the site of the new torannen. Variant: Guard the mages as they prepare the site.
  • A gate-spirit or baelan has turned rogue. Find the reason and return with a solution for its one-time masters.
  • Investigate the tower ruins near a town or city. A Sentinel is waking. Find out why and what it is.
  • A haunted wood has become more troublesome of late. A sentinel is suspected. Adventurers have been called in to clear the wood and deal with problems. (used in The Sentinel)
  • A Sentinel is amassing an army of hostile planar creatures and preparing for an invasion of nearby Correllendor. Stop the threat. (used in The Sentinel)
  • A Sentinel has been trapped or banished by another baelan, and the locals that respect the baelan as a deity have noticed the absence and want it back.
  • A new potential trade route has been discovered, but the path goes through a mountain pass with a sentinel. Get its permission. Variant: defend the sentinel against a group set to harm it to build a road.

General Vitas Hooks

These aren't attached to any time, place, or group of people.

  • A girl is a polymorphed dragon, but has grown up without knowing that she is a dragon. A dragon cult abducts her, intending to get her to train a group of hatchlings for their use. (used in Siarrah's Secret)
  • a clutch of hatchling dragons has occupied an old (anghil) eyrie (perhaps led by a group of people). Deal with them.

Campaign Ideas

These are bigger ideas. While most adventure hooks could be the seed of a campaign, these are larger ideas that pretty much have to be played across multiple adventures.

  • Sentinel Leap - A baelan/sentinel has abducted a group of adventurers from their homes (and times?) for its own purposes. The party must get to know each other and try to figure out what's happening as well as how to get out … while running the 'errands' of the Baelan.
  • Greatness Thrust Upon Them - In the depths of the Rokanoi Dark Age, great spirits are rising to meet the threat of the mighty demons from the Cataclysm. The party plays a part in the rise of several Avatars.
  • The Orcish Tide - Orc Tribes in the mountains are being pushed down into Correllendor by … what?
  • Manifest Destiny - It is the First Expedition of the Seekers. The party is a group of Illendi and Krlendi (Rokanoi) adventurers sent out by the Seeker leaders to tame the wilderness and help establish the gate network.
  • The Scientific Revolution - A 'madman' believes that the advancement of civilization is being held back by the irrational or un-reasoned magic… and is determined to destroy several sources to allow the continued development of rational technology.

Generic Hooks

These aren't specific to the setting.

  • “While the Cat is Away…” - evil boss is gone, henchmen run amok

Inspiring Names for adventures

Stolen from songs, books, these seem like they could have stories attached which fit into the setting.

  • Key of the Twilight - Something tied to the decline of Nothoreadhel or the Empire.
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