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Galvan Arkhet is a male Kal'Tor, and a level 3 Cleric of Kyre.

He's tall and fairly wiry, with a deceptive strength for his build. As a Kal'Tor infused with Air, his skin is a scaly blue-grey, with larger 'gemscales' at the bony points of the human form - elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, face. The scales are slightly translucent but often buffed by normal wear and tear. This gives Kal'Tor a slightly piscine or draconian appearance, though their physiology is very human. His skin is covered in white and grey lines; whether this is paint, an etching effect on the scales, or a more traditional tattoo is unclear.

Galvan's face is long, his eyes prominent to the point of often looking alarmed; his nose low to his face and thin. His eyes are a stormy grey. His mouth is broad with full lips, and he has a slightly unsettling smile, as his teeth are as translucent as the gemscales. His silver-blue, less-than-shoulder-length hair is nearly always on end or lightly struck back: think Doc Brown or Einstein.

He is generally dressed in chain mail with grey- and blue-dyed tunic and shirt, recently replaced with a cloak (of protection). He tends to wear clothing light for the weather, and is untroubled by, even enjoys, cold or wet weather. He generally has 1 spear strapped to his back. This spear, which he has named Khezel (a Kal'Tor term for the spark of lightning that jumps from the hand in cold weather), has a threading on the back so that it can, with preparation, be extended into a full-length war spear. He sometimes carries several javelins as well. These, and darts, are his preferred weapons.


Galvan is quick to action, even impetuous. He generally looks alert, and is easily startled. He's fairly introverted, so while he's got a strong ethical code, tries to be friendly, he doesn't readily get people, and often is slow to understand a situation (med cha). He has an odd sense of humor, tending toward wordplay and other intellectual jokes rather than to jokes about behavior.
Galvan's passion is pursuing what he understands as the pinnacle of the Aether Kal'Tor racial type: the creative force where the heavens meet the earth in the stroke of lightning, the infusion of the vital force of the heavens into the substance of material being. For him this means studying the vital force in the form of lightning and energy, and it means becoming speed and decisive, effective action incarnate (high str and con, mod dex).

(Trait: I come to conclusions quickly and act on them without hesitation. Trait: I seek to learn all that I can of elemental energy (air and radiance). Ideal: Perfect action - When you are on the right course, no hesitation is necessary: you know what to do and do it unthinkingly as an extension of thought.)

This can lead him to unwittingly damage and harm in his enthusiasm. While he remembers and carefully considers what he has encountered (high wis) he can be so lost in thought or in acting quickly that he can miss what is around him in the moment (low int) (Flaw: I do not understand the harm my enthusiasm (and lightning) brings. I want to “help”!).


Galvan is the fifth child of relatively poor Kal'Tor parents in the north. As is common in such a circumstance, at a workable age, he was given out as an apprentice/foster. He lucked out by getting an placement that fit him well: a mountaintop monastery run by a prominent retired Kal'Tor general. Given much work to do, strong religious service, and rigorous martial training, Galvan thrived. In particular, he studied under an alchemist devoted to studying electricity and meteorology, and from him Galvan drew his avocation.

At the age of 22, Galvan was sent by the monastery with a group of 'monks' to join a Kal'Tor levy in a skirmish with the High Sildar. They never saw action, which frustrated Galvan considerably. When the conflict ended, his group was split by the head of the monastery. Half the levy was sent home, while Galvan and several others were sent out on further missions. Galvan's mission is to secure a source of research lyrium for his mentor at the monastery. On this quest, he joined the guard detail on a trade caravan headed for Toreen and Moire, wherein he met the party.


Here's his full character sheet, but the things that are good to generally know are:

  • Str: +4 (18)
  • Dex: +1 (13)
  • Con: +2 (15)
  • Int: -1 (09)
  • Wis: +3 (17)
  • Cha: +0 (10)
  • San: +4 (18)
  • AC: 15 (Chain Shirt + Cloak of Protection)
  • Saves: +1 Str-Int,Cha; +4 Wis.
  • Perception: 13 (+3)
  • HP: 23
  • Hero Points: 5
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