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The power for magic is withdrawn from an unseen quantum dimension.

We perceive three dimensional space: X, Y, and Z. This three dimensional membrane travels a fourth dimension of space time. Outside this membrane exists other dimensions with which we are a part of, but are unaware. Magical power is drawn from one or more of these unseen dimensions.


Magic is the manipulation of three dimensional space by withdrawing higher dimensional energy via quantum mechanics on the subatomic level – and controlling its output along the fourth dimension of time’s arrow.


Our consciousness is a fabric matrix of neural energy: the astral body. This energy pattern is anchored to our corporeal body. A mage has the ability to disappear into the astral body, using it independently of her corporeal body.



The spoken language used to access and utilize the withe.


Casting a spell requires you to speak the proper withing.


Once magic is invoked, a mage goes into cynosure – a magical focus – the state in which he or she is able to concentrate on spellcraft. Cynosure can last for seconds, minutes, or hours, aligning molecules via the power of quantum focus. The time required depends on the skill of the magic user and the complexity of the spell. Cynosure is for manipulating spellcraft. However, nothing is actionable without withing.


  1. The mage invokes access to the withe by speaking withing.
  2. Next, he goes into a state of cynosure, manipulating physical space with his astral body.
  3. Withing is spoken at intervals necessary to bridge together the work done by the astral body via cynosure.
  4. At some point, the final withing is spoken to release the spell.


If the global grid becomes overdrawn, that patch of the world becomes unstable. Regional anomalies will occur in the place where one or more magi are withdrawing too much quantum power to manipulate space around them. Should this continue unchecked, a regenesis cycle will take hold – and for some distance around the point of infestation, life is extinguished.

Since the end of the Great Regenesis, when most of the life in Elea was temporarily extinguished following the conflict between the Angen and the Thessalonians, a monitoring agency was created by the greatest Angen magi: The Cinder Aegis.

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