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Once a year, is the ceremony to ensorce (possess) an initiate who wishes to become a sorcerer. Limited membership. An initiate must have reached the age of maturity. The age depends on the individual – but it’s after puberty. The body must have reached adulthood.

After possession, the student loses memory. He or she remembers language, retains all of the same motor skills, and remembers cultural norms. They lose memory of relationships – the story of their lives. There is no sense of familiarity with past relationships.

Even if you lose memory, you are still you. Your parents and community built your personality and how you interact with the world. That would not change. However, you lose any direct memory to the causal links that created your character.

If a student wishes to go back to his old life, he may. At the next ceremony, he may choose to be released from possession – in which case, he will reclaim all the old memories and lose all the new memories built up during possession. He will also lose the ability to manipulate matter and energy via access to the quantum realm.


50 candidates. All possessed at the Ensource.

A hopeful candidate must travel to the Ensorce. Candidates must be vetted. They have to be vetted, otherwise the Ensource would be inundated with hopefuls every year. Candidates are vetted locally, by regional guild halls.

If human sorcerers are embraced as equals among angen sorcerers – brothers and sisters – then, the Council would feel obligation to protect incoming candidates. Given this, then there is protection sent out to bring candidates to the Ensource.

Among angen kind, a person must choose on his or her own to become a candidate. They must be twenty years old. It must be a willing decision.


When a candidate becomes an initiate, the circuitry of her consciousness gets scrambled by the remolding of her astral body to be able to draw and utilize power. This astral body change has the inadvertent side effect of permanently hiding all memory.

The initiate may choose to go back to her previous life at the one year anniversary of possession. An initiate needs basic training before she can specialize in any guild. All specialization follows understanding the basics of focus and quantum manipulation.

Tuition is needed to fund an initiate’s basic education. They either need to personally pay, have family pay, or have a sponsor that she is indebted to.


Guilds can sponsor initiates, in return for that person to promise to serve their bidding. (This would be interesting, after the initiate loses their memory.)

Or, a guild could pay off someone’s family to have their child become an initiate and work for that guild. Takes the family out of poverty by sacrificing that child.

A contract is signed.

The Council cannot overturn a contract signed by a candidate. For example, once a candidate becomes an initiate, and that initiate wishes to go against the contract she signed before her possession, they can have their possession stripped from them.

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