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Generations of sorcerers have created guilds of magic – specializations. Some fields are accepted and some are condoned. Healing. Metallurgy. Plant Science. Psionics. Fire Wielding. Electricity. Wind. Mastery of Water (Rain, freezing & thawing), Quanta (pure power science for teaching purposes and study). Because it is so difficult to manipulate matter (and thus energy) on the quantum level, it is difficult to produce magical effect from quantum energy extraction. It takes years of work to specialize in one field.

Aptitude varies from sorcerer to sorcerer. Anyone can become possessed by the Ensource, however a sorcerer’s strength results from:

  1. Dedication to study.
  2. Intelligence.
  3. Knack.
  4. Quality of instruction.

A hopeful candidate must travel to the Ensorce within the Avens Kingdom. Candidates are vetted locally, by regional guild halls. Each regional guild has a hard cap on the number or candidates to send to the Ensource.

What is to stop hordes of hopeful candidates from circumventing the guilds and encamping outside the Avens, hoping to become a candidate? Simple – they won’t be allowed access. They won’t be accepted. At this point in history, guilds wield all power. The Avens Kingdom is patrolled by Wistook and Genjen. Encampments would be broken up by the patrols.

Protection sent out to bring candidates to the Ensource is provided by the local guilds.

Among angen kind, a person must choose on his or her own to become a candidate – a willing decision. She or he must be at least eighteen years old. Among human kind, however, age restriction is set at thirteen. The impetus for minimum age set at the relative age of puberty.

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