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Everyone would want magic users. Every nation, every kingdom, every city, every town, every village. Those who didn’t have a sorcerer would want to either acquire one, or envy other places that had them. There are not enough to go around.

Sorcerers are supermen. Sorcerers are alien. Sorcerer uniqueness creates comradery amongst their kind. If I have chosen to become a sorcerer, I have chosen a path of hardship, hard work, a life of service (perhaps), and stress. This is also a life of power, prestige, wealth, and honor.

There would be between 2,000 and 3,000 living mages at any one time.


All children are born normal. Therefore, all children are equal. All angen are brought into the world equally. Magi can have children. Most children of magi will not become a mage – just through luck of the draw.

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