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The end of the universe was at hand. Stars were burning out. Galaxies had flown so far away from each other, as not to be seen. Black holes were everywhere. An advanced civilization was determined to survive the coming blackness by creating a bubble universe through quantum mechanics. Into this bubble universe a world is born, and the civilization uses a black hole to speed time along until the world is at an ideal point for settlement.

They sent their children to live on this world, setting them down on the world at the earliest point in space-time and history that made sense. Thus, the Angen are the sons and daughters of the creators of the world.


The Withe is a power grid coded into the world, built by the creators. The language of magic is coded into the grid, engineered to draw energy via quantum mechanics from extra dimensional space. This energy is manipulated by words and mental focus.


The withe was never intended to be a power supply for people to utilize in the issuance of magic power. The grid exists to stabilize the world and solar system in a decaying universe. At some point, The Withe became corrupted, manipulated – either purposely or accidentally.

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