issue 3 Fall 2000
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Editorial: Changing defintions of geek--MilGeek's new feel
Manifesto: Electoral Reform
Read this first. Then make it better.
Rant: On Modern Writing In Which He Asks the Musical Question: If the Author is Dead, Is This Just Necrophilia?
A Short Call for the End of Two Trends "The Future is no Longer Dangerous" and "The Myth of Rational Choice"

Interview: Myla Goldberg
Illustrations From Curious George Goes to the Hospital Which Could Be Given “Dirty” Captions, But Are Instead Coupled With Passages From D.H. Lawrence’s Apocalypse, While Nevertheless Remaining Inherently Funny Because They Deal With A Monkey, While Also Going On Far Too Long, Much Like This Title (with brief explanitory notices at the bottom)
Fiction: My Drug Quiz Show Story
Fiction: My Holidays
Listening Test for Automatic Writing
Letters to militant geek: Geek Verite'!

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