Listening Test for Automatic Writing




INSTRUCTIONS:  [Read these out loud before beginning the test.]


Welcome to part four, the listening section.  The proctor will read a passage, which you should listen to closely.  You are not allowed to take notes.  A series of multiple-choice questions will follow which you should answer to the best of your ability.  Fill in the circle completely, do not make any extra marks.  The am going to be are   Three I five.  Qualm.


For instance, if the passage read was "Guy the ho.  I made a sandwich for my mother, bread and parsnips.  She sung, oh, she sung."  And the question then was: "What does Maynard want for Christmas?  a) baubles b) light of end or c) gumcake," you would answer b.


Ready?  Begin.  Octopus stew.




                                    Passge I


            One day, three bent nickles, three obtuse angles--men, I mean--well, they were coming over the hill, hands on hearts, hearts on hand, banners flapping in the breeze.  "Char!" cried one.  "I have not felt this good since the Peloponesian War!"

            "But what of your wife?" said the second.  "Is she not now in the arms of another?"

            "And what of your children?" said the third.  "How will you assuage their hurt, balancing their love for both mother and father?"

            The first man stopped for a second, and thought.  "I will kill my wife's lover," he said, "and give my chidlren go-karts."  And so he did.




1.  Where did the third monkey put his copy of Harper's Bazaar?

            a)  Five times in a row.

            b)  The death of the author.

            c)  The two are the same.


2.  Might I have this dance?

            a)  No.

            b)  Get them off me!

            c)  Is that your real ear?



                                    Passage II.


For the first time in as many weeks, I have become a victim of circumstance.  Not again, I said, not again Lenny, but he wouldn't stop.  Finally.  Final.  the.  Eeee.  I am wondering what to do now.  [Hum circus music.]

  Once I'd been there, it was over.  I had [Tune through several stations on radio.] and that over.  My legs feeling, falling, a head case on a  cold day in July.  Make that into a cupcake, my lovely,  you and.  I will.  Eeeeeohhhaahhhhh my.  Come and stay phhaaarhco.  Looasm Swee Creeee I lie.  I am going now.  [Sing jaunty ending music.]


Part 2: A morman in muslin, or a muslim in velvet.


Cripes, I, the lord of cheese and me sayeth.  Yruruuuuuuuurkskkkkkapps.  Ie am them ash the aht ahthgg aotoooto Ithtngmm.  Fisdt andk ther goingk.  To the show aaarr and I cannot no more do tht there in good consciousness gaaaarrr.




1.  What is the message of this passage?

            a)  Children should obey their parents.

            b)  We must protect the rainforest.

            c)  The great evil of capitalism sews the seeds of its own destruction.


2.  What role does Lenny play in this passage?

            a)  He eats the cupcake.

            b)  He persecutes the Muslims.

            c)  He is the lord of cheese.



                                    Passage III.




the overpass


shooting now, driving


kind of low.


I'm talking to a salesman, sweatback grated, oh and over the land he like a comet.  The showboats.  Then women.  I've gotten to that point, oh me oh hsdjhsjdhsjhdsuyyyyyeryiiuuuiuooop.  Like carmac on a lindross, I am going to hell, then to a place where boats, shrew, I long for her, windows, paint.

            For all of that, oh



my car, my carmac


the esslin of boring longhaired dingo ratmen, coming over the hill.


if I am automatic what is my ghost


if I am strewn, grated, filled with holes, what then my composite?  a sketch will become what?  make me a pier.



[there are no questions for this passage.]