A brief etc, cuz I'm lazy.

Thanks first to all the people who wrote in for the last issue. It was much appreciated.
Thanks to the various people who've inspired me lately, good or bad: dumbass Oberlin students, dumbass techers in the Rome school district, dumbass notions of my own fostered by much more intelligent ones.

The following albums provided a crucial impetus:
John Cale's "Fragments of a Rainy Season"
Death in Vegas' "The Contino Sessions"
Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs"
The Micronauts' "Bleep to Bleep"
Kid 606's "Down w/the Scene"
Atari teenage riot's "Live at Brixton Academy 1999"
Lee Ranaldo, Christian Marclay, and William Hooker "Live at the Knitting Factory"
Black Box Recorder's "England Made Me"
Mogwai's "Come on Die Young"
Idlewild's "Hope is Important"

Thanks to my fucking neurologist.
Thanks to the fucking Oberlin Review.
Thanks to D.H. Lawrence and H.A. Rey.
Sincere thanks to Sylvia Wantabe.
Thanks to Debbie Schildkraut for comments on electoral reform.
Thanks to Jen, the boys, Tasha, Kristina, Stacy, Carrie papercut, Jason, Ted, Chris, and all else.
Thanks to Richard Powers and McSweeneys.
Especial thanks to Jonathan Lethem.
Thanks to Myla Goldberg.
Thanks to Harlan Wilson.
And, as always, thanks to Pokey.

Mike Barthel
Ted Rees
Chris Brooks
Jen Strauss
Jason Clarke
Jason Porterfield

We have none. OK, we'll make some.
A portable Atari 2600
Vector arcade games on large surfaces (LaserMAME)
Kids in the Hall
Sluggy Freelance

Send us submissions ( We want them.
We especially want criticism--intelligent criticism, stuff that isn't thinking or writing the way you're supposed to. Especially about music.
We want formic innovations.
We want silly shit.
We want your weirdass personality, well-written.
We want your letters and comments at

And finally...
We want some advice. We're thinking of doing one-shot biweekly updates to milgeek--just a rant, etc. Should we keep the current table of contents and make a link or have a new start page? Is there enough interest to justify these kind of updates? We really would do them. Seriously.

We love you because you read.
We read because we love you.