Scott Price's Web Portfolio

Recent Projects

Elephant on Main Street, 2005

Elephant On Main Street is an autobiographical website intended by the author to be a blend of blog, book, and support community for families struggling with alcoholism. I was brought in to help the author structure his work in his software, design the site, create the automated site maintenance tools, and integrate community tools like forums and email lists.


  • Automated site maintenance through Tinderbox software and ftp tools
  • Worked with author to design site layout and architecture
  • Integrated forum and email list management
  • Custom graphic design, 2004-2006 is a dual-purpose blog: it is a record of my exploration of the field of hypertext and a directory of reviews and resources for the study of hypertext. The site presents new material in a chronological blog format, but presents the material within as a multilinear 'web-structured' hypertext.


  • Automated site maintenance through Tinderbox software and ftp tools
  • Interwoven blog and non-blog structures-- data entered once is exported through blog tools as well as to other appropriate sections of the site
  • Custom graphic design and site architecture
Tinderbox Wiki, 2005

The Tinderbox Wiki is a site for the Tinderbox software user community. Tinderbox users contribute tips, questions and links. I am one of two "Gardeners" hired by Eastgate Systems to edit the site.


  • Answer user questions and edit old discussions
  • Edit old material and add new to create tips and tutorials
  • Organize existing content into clear structure for users
  • Foster new discussion on topics of interest to the community
Skein, 2001-2004

An older project now, I started Skein just after college with friends. Skein was designed for collaborative editing of creative work, primarily poetry, prose, and images. Logged-in members could post works and visitors could create in-line or footnote commentary.

My work included

  • With several friends, I helped create and design the concept
  • User Interface and User Experience design throughout development
  • Prototyping in PHP

Older Work

  1. 2001: Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (JOMA), Mathematics Digital Library
    I performed user interface work and general assistance: editing, ran quality assurance testing, created FAQs, and debugged the html and javascript portions of the site.
  2. 1999-2000: Math Forum Bridging Research and Practice 'videopaper'
    In the fall of 1999 I worked with the BRAP Group of The Math Forum to create a videopaper out of their research. I began working on the quicktime video but soon became more involved in the site design. I created initial designs and templates from the group's discussions, and then helped edit the final code. I later streamlined access to videoclips, transcripts, and discussions with popup DHTML menus that turned one link into three potential links.
  3. 1999: Hurling Words Into Darkness
    A conversational or multiframe multilinear hypertext setting quotes and criticism of Richard Wright, Eudora Welty, Zora Neale Hurston, and William Faulkner into a pastiche conversation about storytelling and authority. Written for a course at Swarthmore College.
  4. 1997-1998: Eyes In The Dark
    "Eyes in the Dark" was a literary magazine assembled by the members quarterly. The last design was on the theme 'banal'. The second, third, and fourth editions native to the web (linked to above) were my favorite site designs - pretty, topical, and cross-platform.