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I'm interested in a lot of things.  If it looks like I'm interested in something you're interested in, contact me or look at my work ... here.


Email: hunter -at- grendel . org (deobfuscate it first!)


AIM / YM: emsariel

Twitter: emsariel

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These are downloadables about my work.  I'm enjoying my time in the game industry, but I am often (over)committed to other work as well.  There is just too much that needs doing!

Game Development - For the last three years I have been working my way through the game development industry.  I did QA for Scholastic, and QA, IT, and project management for Gamelab.  I'm currently a producer for Gamestar Mechanic and am open to consulting on game design, development, or project management. (Resume in PDF)

Education Resumé - I received my certification to teach English Literature at the Secondary level in PA in 2001. I worked for 7 years with Exploration Summer Programs.  This PDF tells the rest.

IT Resumé - I've worked with computers since I could use them, and nearly all of my jobs have drawn on that experience.  I'm interested in Educational Technology and the possibility for technology, and games and hypertext in particular, to support learning.  PDF file.

HTML Portfolio - Details of website freelance work I've done, with thumbnails and links.

Teaching Certification Portfolio - Part of the Certification Program with Swarthmore College is the production of a portfolio with artifacts from student teaching; this is mine from the spring of 2001.  It is a zip file which extracts to a website in a folder.  Unzip the file, open the folder, and find the "Readme" files.

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