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In brief, I'm a 30-year-old living in Brooklyn, NY for a few years, working on games and their potential for education and educational technology.

Eight years out of Swarthmore College, I'm in a good 'place': I have opportunities to do work uniting my three main interests --computers, education, and literature-- and a lease to make sure that I keep working at them. And I'm surrounded by friends in a city full of chances and prospects.

I grew up in "upstate" New York (NOT the city!). I lived in the same house for the first 18 years of my life, in the same room. When I moved to Swarthmore College, I lived on the same floor of the same dormitory for four years. I like to be grounded.  Unlike many of its residents, I really like the Mohawk Valley and upstate New York, and might like to move back there eventually. I enjoy the seasons and the snow.  As you can see from the rest of this site, I have consuming interests in hypertext, travel, and (evil) rabbits.

Other things of significance... if you want to see the sorts of things I've done in an official way, check out my resumes: for Teaching and for Educational Technology. There's a lot more to me, though. I can best be found by putting all of these pages in a blender, hitting puree, and setting the result out to age under moonlight in the forest. I have no idea what would result, but it should say something.

If this in any way made me sound interesting enough to contact, drop me a line at hunter -at- grendel . org .

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