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This site has been up, in one form or another, since 1997.  The whole time, I've been working with kids, computers, games, and hypertext.  This is my homepage.

Contact & Employment-- I do project management, quality assurance, database development, web design, and web development on a full-time, freelance, or consultant basis in the New York City area. My resumes --for software development, web development, teaching, and for (Educational) Technology-- are online in PDF form and available on this page.

Hypertexts -- I'm interested in didactic (informational/academic) hypertexts, and have written several of my own. I've attended the second and fourth eNarrative roundtables, and attended the GDC and GLS conferences from the angle of hypertext in the fields. At the end of 2004 I set up another site following my exploration of hypertext as a field.

Current Projects-- On any given day, I am working on about three things more than I have time for. My current projects visible online are:chocolateFMA d20, and 'gaming.

The Doom Bunny-- The truth about our furry 'friends.' A collection of information about the Long-Eared Menace and references to Bunnies in current culture.

Travel-- Every few years, I'm lucky enough to get to travel somewhere. Lately, that's been to Japan, Arizona, and China.

About the Author-- Narcissism.

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