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Runaway song

Tomorrow I will steal the gold,
Tomorrow I will run away,
I'll break out of the master hold,
And everyone will say:


There goes that runaway,
hey yeah
She'll probably come back someday... they'll say.

They'll wonder where I'm running to,
And try to put a stop to me,
But I am much too cunning to
Give in or up so easily.

Some just might hate me.
Most will avert their eyes.
They want to enslave me,
But I'm free --  surprise.

I have a plan. There is a tower,
A path down to a dragon's lair.
The dragon sleeps on gold and power.
A paradigm. A snare.

It will be sleeping,
And I'll stand without a fear.
I may not be sneaky,
But --  no one sees me here.


You must know how these stories go,
The meanings always run so deep.
When I lift high the cup of gold,
I'll break the dragon's sleep.

It will see the strength there,
And it will try to take me in.
But I just will not care,
You see --  I'm going to win.

So I will run away again,
But this time I'll run with the gold.
I'll run outside that dragon den
Of power and its hold.

I'll just keep running,
They won't avert their eyes.
They'll see me coming
And stop me --  with lies.


They'll say I didn't mean to steal,
They'll say I only took from need.
They're frightened of the strength I feel,
They're frightened of my greed.

So they'll give me "freedom,"
Exchanged for the golden cup.
But then they'll have the gold and
The tower --  that holds it up.

They'll fear the change -- they'll blame me for
A dragon that breaks up their home.
They'll build this struggle to a war
And kill for what they own.

We'll find in sorrow
A strength we had not yet found.
The dragon wakes tomorrow,
They can't --  keep us down.


The dragon will not sleep again,
Once out there, it can never die.
They might think it is dead, but then
Surprise -- it's still alive.

It only dies when
Slaves begin to fight it too.
If we stay united then
There's nothing --  they can do.

We have to move to steal the gold
Or else the dragon won't awake.
In silence, there's no story told
And we've a tale to make.

So we won't take "freedom,"
For giving up our golden cups.
We'll just do whatever we need to
To wake--  that dragon up.


Let's see. I tried to make the image of the dragon more consistent. I had mentioned that I wanted him to "represent-- the power of social change," but after reading comments, I realized that the dragon was much closer to representing overall mental attitudes toward people/ideas/etc. (Hence the statement, "A paradigm. A snare." which shows how clearly this was written for a revolt at Swat.) The point is that the dragon was meant to represent the paradigms of a community that are very difficult to change (sleep) and then impossible to stop once they start changing (destruction caused by dragon). Did that come across? Also, what did you think of the many references to "they?" Did those bog the song down? Do you think it would be better if "they" had a name or names attached? What about the symbol of the golden cup (money and power)? Do you think that needs to be refined/explained more? Also, what did you think about the change in the chorus? I wanted to show more clearly how little the people understood of the protagonist and how set they were in their mind-frames. Do you think it's too specific to me because I say "she"? Does it seem to connote that the song is about the women's movement?

OK. I guess that's probably enough questions for now. Hope you

love and revolution,

"Do you know why I am drawing flowers on this witch's dress? Because I am beginning to be quite frightened of her."
-Elizabeth W. (four years old)

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