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Tomorrow I shall sleep all day,
into the waters of deep blue green
Tomorrow night I shall eat again
A man, or two, who knows? Maybe three...

Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow,
all the same, what's the difference?
yesterday, the day before, today
Eat, sleep, swim the blood-stained waters
Roam the empty halls

The warriors in the hall
Look at me with despite and fear
Before I eat them
They lie in a corner at first thinking how are they going to slay me
And a second later how still can they be so that I don't notice them.

They are no different than the fish
They just taste better...
Mother says I should be more careful
One day one of them might come
One who's truly different
And then I'll be in trouble

But I am not afraid
Maybe he'll be hungry too
As hungry as I'll be when I approach them
And the better hunter will eat

Mother says some of them don't kill for food
I am not sure I believe that

why else would you kill?
If you kill when you're not hungry
You may make it so that there is no more to eat
When you are

Tonight I am not hungy anymore
I ate two whole men
and a foot
But tomorrow...


Okay, guys, I am not much of a poet. This is a prosy piece of poetry
I wanted to portray some innocence, some goodness in Grendel's heart.
I don't know if I succeeded.

Hope you're all having a good week. Take it easy, we're almost there.

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