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This page will briefly discuss Grendel in the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf. Much of this text is in progress. Any contribution,clarification,or correction that you might provide to the material here would be very much appreciated.


Plot Synopsis

Monster Grendel comes to plague Heorot, meadhall of Hrothgar, king of the Danes. The monster embattles the hall for years before Beowulf, prince of the Geats, comes to destroy the monster. Beowulf engages the monster when it break into the hall one night and kills Grendel by ripping his arm off. Grendel's mother steals one of the Danes, and Beowulf dives down into the monster's lair in the nearby mere, and kills Grendel's mother with a god-forged sword.

Years pass, and a tenous but ill-fated peace is established between several warring tribes. Beowulf returns to the Geats and becomes king. The tale of Grendel is retold along with other tales.

Years more pass, and a Geatish slave breaks into the lair of a dragon, hoping to buy his freedom with stolen treasure. The dragon wakes and ravages the countryside before Beowulf faces it with Wicglaf, his retainer. Beowulf is mortally wounded in the battle, and Wicglaf returns to the Geats (who ran in fear) alone to tell of Beowulf's deed.



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