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Drink My Soul, O Thou Most...
~ Peerless

The Prelude:

Would he harshly hush me now?-
	hated hindrance that I am to all honest hell-raising heroes
		(like himself)
as others have so haughtily & heedlessly done
	throughout the helter-skelter history of misery

Or will he rather bear witness to the heresy?-
	and hear the angels' praises sung in a heart-beat
Long howled from the mouth of a jealous heathen
	a haunted hypocrite whose heart is tainted the darkest Way.

But as I am irredeemable now,
	blunt & brilliant -
So let the words prance on through this pathetic parade
	and push on past this palpitating palisade 
	that has failed to protect the tender (if meager) portion within
for what a funereal masquerade this has become!-

blood so desperately concealed, but never congealing...


What is my anguish, in plain English?
Is it that I can no longer distinguish
Between Idolatry and Adultery-
	...or that I never could to begin with?

						7:00 pm


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