Eyes in the Dark Archives

The Archives are very incomplete at this point, but please bear with us.

Folios I, II, and III, the Phoenix Edition, and the "Rogue Issue" have not yet been scanned;
we offer here the scanned and web editions. Click on a link to view the edition in the listed format.
Fourth Folio:
  • Edition 1

  • HTML
  • Edition 2

  • HTML
  • Edition 3

  • (not availible)
Fifth Folio:

Sixth Folio:

Scott's first Folio as Editor. Click on a link to view the edition in that format. An entire folio archived, courtesy of Evan's diligence. In PDF.
(This was the final printed folio.)
The Sixth Folio contains all the editions native to the web. 

Following the fifth web edition, EITD entered a state of introspection from which it will likely emerge completely changed.