Welcome to Argent's Den

This is my humble abode. It may not be much yet, but I've been told there's great things coming.

Latest News:

  1. I've got a sort of a mirror running at lore.dartmouth.edu [my computer]. It lets me do full CGI and SSI stuff, so it will be more dynamic (although the grendel.org site should still look fine).
  2. Started a look & feel overhaul of my site. I'll probably also be adding content.
  3. It turns out that SFF.NET has a "no scripts" policy. :-{ This page may move to a more script-friendly place at some point in the future. [Particularly if I get my own Linux hardware.]
  4. I just put up my resume! check it out...
  5. I just redesigned this site! Send me feedback!
Fortune of the moment:

Come visit me at our newsgroup sff.people.grendel! Drop a line, and I'll be sure to respond.

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